Registered Massage Therapy

Initial Consult (55 mins) $100 +GST

Follow up (55 mins) $100 + GST

Follow up (40 mins) $80 +GST




Massage Therapy is the manual manipulation of the soft tissues of the body that enhances a persons well being.  Massage therapy has many benefits from reducing muscle tension, imporving range of movement, easing pain and helping with relaxation.  Massage therapy can also be useful for recovering soft tissue injuries and supporting athletic performance and weekend warrior activities.

RMT services are provided by Ashley.  At present, we do not provide RMT services under a WSBC claim.  While we see ICBC claims, the patient will be charged the full private fees and will be responsible for arranging any reimbursement from ICBC.

At present Ashley is only providing RMT services on Tuesdays between 10-3 starting May 16, 2017, and we hope that this will increase depending on need.  For other availability in the Abbotsford area, you can also contact Ashley via her own Facebook Page here