Musculoskeletal / Sports Injuries

Initial Consult (40 mins) $70 ($80 in Jan 2019)

Follow up (40 mins) $70 ($80 in Jan 2019)

Follow up (25 mins) $55 ($60 in Jan 2019)



This includes injuries such as sprains/strains, whiplash, repetitive injuries, ligament or meniscal tears, osteoarthritis and other conditions that affect the soft tissues and joints of the body such as post surgical rehab, work injuries or motor vehicle accidents.  Treatments may involve education, prescriptive exercise, dry needling techniques, manual therapy and soft tissue manipulation. 

The majority of research supports that soft tissue and joint injuries benefit from a more active approach and prescriptive exercises.  The majority of these excercises can be performed outside of the physio clinic and you will be shown exercises that you can do at home or in a local gym.  Occasionally, you may require, or will benefit from soft tissue or joint manipulation and dry needling techniques.  Our belief is that you should notice change or improvement with any passive techniques after a few sessions, if not, they will likely be ceased.