Neurological Physiotherapy

Initial Consult (55 mins) $110

Follow up (55 mins) $110



Neurological Physiotherapy deals with the physical rehabilitation of injuries and diseases that affect the brain and nervous system.  Our neuro-physiotherapist is extremely experienced in the rehabilitation of stroke, traumatic brain injuries, Parkinson's disease and multiple sclerosis.


Programs are designed to focus on client specific goals and to provide maximum amount of independence in daily life.  Sessions are tailored to match each client’s exercise level, while engaging in fun and meaningful movement and activities.  Exercises provided will target and reinforce desired movement and postures at home.

Neurological Physiotherapy is provided at the clinic by Shanna Baranowksi who is a Registered Physiotherapist and NDT certified.  Shanna offers one to one treatments with a caring and personal approach.

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