Below are a variety of public resources for concussion and chronic pain.  These are well researched resources where you can get good information and advice.

Concussion Resources:

Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation

Concussion Awareness Training Tool for Parents & Coaches

Concussion Resources

CanChild Concussion Resources (McMaster University)

Return to Sport Guidelines

Canadian Guidelines on Concussion in Sport

Guidelines on Baseline Testing in Concussion

Vestibular Resources:



Tinnitus (sensation of noise in the ears) Resources:

Tinnitus Video from VEDA; what is it and what can I do about it?

St Paul's Tinnitus Clinic

Chronic Pain Groups/Classes:

Free Pain Self Management Courses

Chronic pain Support Groups

Pain Educational Resources:

This website from Jo about her own chronic pain journey and suggestions is fantastic

I highly recommend downloading these excellent free pain resources from Greg Lehman here

Introduction to pain and self management

Pain Special TV 

Pain Physiology Education

Pain Physiology Education 2

Pain Physiology Education 3

Why Things Hurt

Self Management Information:

Live Plan Be - Online Self Management & Education


Useful Pain Websites/Organisations:

Pain BC

Canadian Institute For The Relief of Pain and Disability